About Julia

-3Julia’s remarkable journey to healing herself and others

2009 Julia was diagnosed with a severe case of Hashimoto disease. For over a year she was bedridden, deeply depressed and on the verge of dying until doctors put her on strong medication. After many months of still not feeling better one morning while meditating she heard an inner voice saying “You can heal yourself”.  A few weeks later destiny brought her to Mielle Vietor, the founder of Clear Light Healing. Mielle said “There you are!”. She taught Julia all she needed to know about this new gentle modality and Julia was healed within two weeks. Mielle gave her the mission to bring Clear Light Healing into the world. Masters such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Richard Holten and João de Deus she met along her journey have encouraged Julia further to share her gift with humanity and describe Julia as a pure channel.  Julia empowers and inspires people all over the world with her presence during private healing sessions, workshops and trainings.

Julia’s Bio