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Julia Moton

Energy Healer | Educator | Holistic Coach

‘Empowering Your True Self’


Julia Moton is an Energy Healer and Educator who takes a holistic approach when it comes to balancing and healing the whole body.

She started her path by extensively studying the practice of Kundalini Yoga, which is considered the most comprehensive of yogas. Julia was directly trained, guided and coached by Gurumukh, Tej and Harijiwan. They are
the most influential Kundalini Yoga Masters in the world to date. Julia became a certified teacher through the KRI *Kundalini Research Institute and a mentor to the new generation of students.

Julia has always felt a connection with the field of alternative medicine, believing that the body can be treated from a more holistic perspective. Combining her study of Kundalini Yoga with her natural abilities to heal others, she decided to privately train with Mielle Vietor, who is the Founder of a healing technique called Clear Light.

Clear Light is a powerful hands on healing technique which uses the highest frequencies of light for physical, mental and spiritual transformation. These higher light frequencies are effective in a wide range of illnesses and resolve deep emotional and mental barriers and promote a deep sense of peace and calmness.

Traveling all over the world, Julia has treated her clients with chronic pain, undiagnosed illnesses, depression and stress reduction. She has also certified many throughout the globe to help teach this powerful technique, so that her clients can continue healing themselves or others.

Julia currently resides in Los Angeles and is a leading practitioner and advanced trainer for this specialized technique. She welcomes you for a session to experience the newest art of healing in holistic medicine to restore and revive the whole body.


Julia has been an International influence, working with clients privately, in group settings and also dozens of workshops. Her global clientele includes prestigious celebrities, renown corporate companies and luxury spas and hotels while being invited to major events around the world. She is available for:

  • Private healing sessions using the Clear Light method in person or long distance through Skype
  • Workshop trainings to teach the Clear Light technique *this workshop offers a certification
  • Private or group Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes

Certifications & Developments:

  • Certified with the Kundalini Research Institute as a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher
  • Certified as an advanced Clear Light teacher. Trained & certified by Mielle Vietor, Founder of Clear Light Healing
  • Founder of “Kundalini Trance Fusion” – A blend of Kundalini Yoga and Shaman Trance Dance;
    where wisdom and healing meet

Benefits of Clearlight:

Physical: Chronic Pain, Injuries, Undiagnosed Illnesses, and Infertility
Emotional: Depression, Fears, Irritability, Hopelessness and Addictions
Mental: ADD, OCD, Mental Clarity, Stress Reducer, Balances all Chakras and the Nervous System

All Body Healing: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual


Phone: 323.606.3324
Email: julia.moton@gmail.com