Clear Light Healing


Clear Light Healing is pure and immediate, directing the highest vibrational frequencies of light for physical, mental and spiritual transformation.These higher light frequencies are effective in a wide range of illnesses and resolve deep emotional and mental barriers.

Each session is complete in itself.

Your body continues to integrate and balance for hours and days afterwards.

After each session you feel deeply relaxed and at peace.

There have been many cases of “miracle cures” in just one session.

Each healing session will help align you with your unique life path. Parts of your life that were stuck or blocked will start to flow again.

Clients come back for a series of treatments or for an occasional “tune-up”.

Clear Light Healing amplifies all healing modalities.




Chronic pain, injuries, weight problems, water retention, migraine, arthritis, insomnia, heart diseases, high and low blood pressure, cancer, undiagnosed illnesses, untreatable diseases, infertility

strengthening the immune system, circulation and nervous system.


Stress, grief, depression, fear/phobias, anger, addictions, sadness, anxiety post-traumatic syndrome, self worth


ADD, OCD, lack of focus and clarity, negative thoughts, compulsions, judgement


Releasing blockages, that preventing you from having successful love relationships, making money etc.

Resistance, weakness, egotism, perfectionism

Expands your awareness and consciousness