Advanced Training

Clear Light Advanced Training

Advanced Training is only available to certified Clear Light healers who have administered at least 10 dated, signed and verified healings and have been practicing for at least 2 months.

Advanced: Advanced Activation + 4 Hours of Training

Part I

  • Third Eye activation: You will receive a healing by me that will specifically activate your third eye for advanced healing purposes.
  • Grace Healings: You will learn how to give a grace healing with your third eye
  • Mental Processes: You will learn how to process, project and manifest both for your own personal transformation and your relationships with others. You will learn what is necessary for the very high level of clarity required for Advanced Clear Light Healers to manifest and distribute pure Light.

Part II

  • Advanced Techniques: You will learn advanced CLH techniques, including advanced negative thought form removal & chakra enhancement.
  • Distance Healing: You will learn how to give grace healings and distance healings using your third eye
  • Shaping Affirmations: You will learn how to ‘listen’ to the client’s interior voice and apply counterbalancing affirmations
  • Clairaudience and Clairvoyance: You will learn techniques that will help you to envision the future, communicate with animals, and connect with those who have crossed over.

If, after your Advanced Training, you wish to become a Certified Advanced Clear Light Healer, you may apply by administering ten additional complimentary healings that specifically address the advanced techniques. The advanced certification will allow you to teach Clear Light.