Kundalini Yoga Testimonials

Kundalini Yoga with Julia is a tantalizing and rejuvenating experience that will leave your body, mind, and spirit forever changed. Julia’s energy alone could transform the world and added to a yoga routine are ingredients for a powerful session that will bring lasting positive results weeks and months to come!

~ JJ Yosh, Adventurer, Environmentalist, and TV Personality

Julia’s Kundalini sessions have made a huge impact on my spiritual health. Her gentle energy and calming presence help to balance the intensity of the energy work. I always feel incredible after a yoga session with her, and her ability to guide the perfect meditative trances within the perfect energetic ambiance never ceases to amaze me. I cannot wait until my next session with her!

~ Ramon Govea, Writer – Producer – Actor

I’ve been practicing various disciplines for many, many years and i feel i can recognize a great teacher when i run into one. Julia is definitely among them! Her classes are a balanced mix of gentleness, discipline, focus, laughter’ which allow the time and the, mostly demanding, exercises (or kriya) to flow easily. Since she left Los Angeles, I am missing her classes a lot in spite of the amount of beautiful Kundalini teachers this city offers!!!

Always in Reverence and Gratitude,
~ Ornella

Julia Moton has amazed me once again! I first met with her for a Clear Light healing, in which I felt such peace and serenity. THEN I took Kundalini yoga with her and was moved to tears. I am, for the record, an amateur yogini at best. Julia made me feel so comfortable and welcomed in her class and really set the mood with inspiring, lovely music and her breathy, hypnotic voice. Something, an energy, awakened inside of me each class I took, and her careful guidance with the Kundalini postures were always safe and never too difficult.

The atmosphere of love Julia creates is unparalleled, whether it is Clear Light therapy or Kundalini. She is very gifted with an open heart and is an amazing teacher and healer. I encourage anyone who has the chance to go meet with Julia and learn from her and experience her kind energy!

~ Sarah Foerster Intuitive Healer, Reiki, Theta Healing

I am just writing to tell you how much I miss you, and how special the yoga circle was that you created. I went to another teacher’s class today for the first time, and it was so… different. You really created and held such a beautiful, safe, magical space; so personal, and so fertile and supportive for visions and transformation. Taking another person’s class just made me appreciate it and miss you so much more; I cried and cried :(
I miss my guru!

~ Daniella

I’ve done Kundalini yoga with Julia for almost a year, and fell in love since the first class. Nothing better after a busy week to calm down at the sound of Julia’s sweet voice. This class opened my eyes to the power I have to bring anything I want into my life, to listen to my body’s needs, to listen to my heart and most of all to connect myself with the universe. I am grateful to Julia for teaching me so many things and making my life brighter and blessed at every breath I take.

~ Patricia

Julia is the most wonderful teacher l! She brings joy and light to every class. Our classes were small and personal and she offered the best of the Kundalini experience: breath work, exercises and meditation. We danced, laughed and generally had a great time. I felt right at home, after class we shared tea and cookies. If you have never tried Kundalini before, you will leave class in a totally different state than when you arrived. Love it so much!

~ Simone

Julia is a beam of serenity that wraps around you as she guides you through the experience with her gentle voice. The environment was calm, focused and inspired the freedom to express through the movements and sounds.

I would recommend Julia’s classes for anyone who needs stress reduction in their life and and wants to get to know themselves better and be around others that support that journey!

~ Gabrielle Brisson, Songwriter